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I am SGL is a website with web applicationwhich will help you meet new friends and find interesting events in your area.

What are the benefits of using our app:

Free membership in the I am SGL Community.

A chance to meet new people, find a friend for a coffee, cinema or a trip, just send a virtual smile to another user.

You can break from your everyday routine and meet people outside your social circle.

You can take part in interesting events organized by the (I am SGL) community.

You can create your own events in the app and invite people to join them.

Try HostSurfing - hospitality exchange tool and BuddySurfing to Find a Travel Mate, share your journey with RideSurfing or use PlaceSurfing to exchange your home.

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What functions are built-in in the app:

A map which shows how far other I am SGL members are from you.

A possibility to send a smile and encourage another member to chat.

A possibility to create an event.

A possibility to join/create a discussion group.

A possibility to meet new friends.

A possibility to find interesting people.

Discussions about events.

A possibility to share your interests.

International community.

Who are we?

We are a Social Movement and a NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION so we can ensure that our beliefs will never be sold!

We have a mission: we want to make sure that people will never feel lonely again.

We use all available resources to help people meet others and make our mission come true.

Your personal data is safe with us. We will only use it to give you access to the app - please read our Privacy Policy

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