Essential points from the Statute:


'I am SGL' Foundation




Article I. General provisions


§ 1

1. I am SGL Foundation, hereafter referred to as the Foundation, acts on the basis of the Law on Foundations, published on 6th April 1984 and provisions of the Statute.

2. The Foundation was established by Mariusz Majewski, hereafter referred to as the Founder, with a notarial act prepared by a notary Anna Szulc in Warsaw 04-450, 9 Ignacego Padarewskiego Street, on 23rd April 2015.


§ 2

1. The Foundation is located in Warsaw.

2. It is not stated how long the Foundation will operate.

3. The aims of The Foundation are realized on the territory of the whole Poland and, when necessary, outside of the Polish territory.


§ 3

1. The Foundation is a legal entity.

2. The Foundation is under supervision of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy.





Article II. The Foundation main aims and rules


§ 6

The Foundation main purpose is social activity aimed at people who are not in long-term relationships to help them, activate and work against their social exclusion.


§ 7

The aims are realized by the following actions:

a. non-profitable educational activities
b. organization of non-profitable events for single people
c. non-profitable administration of I am SGL website and application

d. promotion of the activities


Article III. Foundation assets and income




§ 9

1. The Foundation is a non-profit organization.


2. Income can be achieved from the following sources:

a. donations, inheritances, legacies
b. donations and subsidies from legal persons
c. income from public collections
d. income from assets of the Foundation
e. bank interests.


3.The Foundation realizes the following business activities:

- retail sales of clothing in special shops
- retail sales of clocks, watches and jewelry in special shops
- retail sales through mail-order sail or Internet.


4. Income achieved by the Foundation in its entirety is allocated to Foundation statute activities.




The statute was approved on 15.11.2015
Signed by: Mariusz Majewski, Mariola Ciach

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