Terms of use

§ 1 Introduction

These terms of use apply to the use and functioning of the I am SGL website and connected applications.

Every User is obliged to read these Terms of use before he or she starts using I am SGL application and to abide by the rules defined in the Terms of use.


§ 2 Definitions


Terms of use – the following document with all attachments, which refer to it directly;


Application – web application I am SGL, website and mobile application allowing for creation of an Account, Profile, and their edition offering a range of functions allowing for communication with other Users, participation in discussions, organization of meetings, etc.;


User – physical person who has full abilities for lawful activities and who successfully finished registration process and have an active account;


Administrator – owner of the Application, which is I am SGL Foundation, seated in Warsaw, proof of establishment number: KRS 0000570175. The Administrator is a provider of electronical services, according to Polish law, art. 2, point 6, The law for providing electronical services.

The address for the correspondence:

44/1 Warszawska Street

05-075 Warsaw



Account – part of the Application enabling usage of the Application;


Profile – all the data and photos voluntarily uploaded by a User in the Application and visible to other Users;


Login – individual and unique username in the Application which was chosen by a User during the registration. The User can also log into the Application via his/her Facebook account (;


Username – unique name of the User, chosen by him and used for the User identification;


Registration – process of creating an Account and Profile by the User. Registration can be done by a physical person who is over 16 years old. Registration is also possible through Facebook account (;


Reference – an opinion written by a User about other User on the bases of their interaction (chat conversation, group discussion, meeting outside the Application);


Smile – graphic non-editable message sent by a User to other User;


Netiquette – a collection of savoir-vivre rules of online communication;


§ 3 Basic information

1. The Application enables Users to get to know one another, present their personality and interests on their individual Profiles and exchange messages with other Users allowing easy and direct communication. The Foundation provides tool, however does not guarantee that relations with other users will be developed.

2. To use the Application Users need to have access to devices with Internet connection, electronic mailbox and web browser with enabled Cookies and other tracking devices.


3. Fulfillment of all technical conditions allows for undisturbed access to all functions of the Application and for correct appearance of the website in a website browser. Additionally, it increases safety of the User computer while using the Application.


4. A computer on which a User is logged in into the Application shall not be left unsupervised, especially if other people have access to the computer. When a User is logged into the service other people may have access to all data regarding the User if his computer is left unsupervised. In such cases the User should log off from his/her account.


5. While using the Application Users can get to know other Users, make conversations; present his or her personality and interests by inserting the information on their profiles including photos. A User can also look into profiles of other Users. A User can also turn on Localization function, which will allow him to identify other Users nearby.


6. Searching through Application resources (Users profiles, information about Localization and about events organized using Application) is possible only for registered Users. Access to the data can be limited by the Administrator at any time if there is justified reason to do so.


7. The functions and services provided in the Application can be at any time changed or added/deleted by the Administrator for justified reasons.


8. The use of the Application is free of charge.



§ 4 Registration


1. Access to the Application functions and possibility to create an individual profile is given to the Users who create their own Account. To create an Account a User shall Register.


2. Registration to the Service is voluntary and free of charge. You can use the Application once you create an Account and confirm the Registration by clicking on a link sent to you via email on the email address indicated during Registration and log into the Account.

3. All the personal data inserted during the Registration are under legal protection. The Foundation I am SGL is an owner of the data. Every User has a right to look into his or her data, change their data or ask for deletion of the data from the database.


4. The Registration and creation of the Account has a few steps and is carried out in the Application and with usage of the User’s electronic mailbox. Therefore, it is necessary so that the User has an access to appropriate devices with Internet connection and possibility to use the Application and electronic mailbox. The User should go through all steps of the Registration.


5. Each User can have only one Account in the Application. The User shall not give an access to his or her Account to any other person.


6. Providing all necessary data, used for creation of a Profile (fields marked with an asterisks) to finish the registration.

7. Registration in the Application means that a User confirms and states following:

  1. He/she has read and accepted with no exceptions the Terms of Use

  2. All personal data, photos and information on the Profile provides to the Application voluntarily and agrees to publish them for other Users. This does not concern email address and password to the Account.

  3. All personal data, photos and other information published on the Profile are true information describing the User

  4. Agrees for processing of the personal data and photos by Foundation to publish them on the Users Profile.

  5. Agrees for processing of the personal data and photos for informational and statistical uses, in such a way that the gathered information cannot be linked to a specific User.

  6. May agree to achieve additional information from the Administrator of the Application.


7. The Administrator does not use (process) information published in a User Profile for its own purposes (except for the reasons listed in the point 6e). The Administrator is not a data administrator as defined by Article 7 point 4 Law of Personal Data Protection.


8. The Administrator provides only technical tools (a Profile as a part of an Account in the Application) which enable publication of information about a User by the User. All the decisions regarding data published on the User’s Profile shall be made by the User on his/her own.


§ 5. User’s Account and Profile


1. Each person can have only one Account in the Application. You should not give access to your Account to anyone.


2. Data inserted by a User in the Application during registration procedure as well as during edition of his/her profile can be moderated by the Administrator, which means that the Administrator can refuse publication of the data and block the User’s Account if the data or information will be prohibited by Polish or international law, the Terms of the Use, decency or morality.


3. A User can suspend his/her Account, which will cause its temporary deactivation: the User will not be able to use functions of the Application; all messages written by the User will still be visible. However, on his Profile there will be information that his/her Account is suspended and the only visible information about the User will be his/her name, surname and age (if Users settings allow for this). The User will not receive any emails from the portal. You can suspend your Account using Sleep Account function in Settings.


4. A User can at any moment without giving any reason remove his/her Account from the Application using Account Removal function in Settings. When an Account is removed from the Application it means that a User’s Profile will be removed and also automatically his/her data from the Administrator database. If an Account is removed (by a User as well as by the Administrator) all traces of his/her activities will be also removed: his/her messages, talks, friends, photos, posts in groups and events he/she created. Groups created by the User will still remain in the Application.


5. If the Terms of use are breached by a User, the Administrator can block the User’s Account or some functions of the Application. An Account can be unblocked if conditions described by the Administrator are fulfilled.


6. An Account can be permanently removed by the Administrator (that means complete and irreversible removal of the Profile), without any warning, if one of the following if observed:

a. gross breaches of the Terms of use

b. A User has not logged into the Application for 24 months

c. A User has more than one Account

d. A User has not fulfilled conditions stated by the Administrator to unblock his/her Account

e. A User has not reactivated his/her suspended Account for 24 months

f. A User acts in a way which is harmful for the Application and destabilizes the Application, no matter how it is done.

§ 6. Groups and organization of events


1. The Application offers a possibility to join to or create a Group for a specific region (a country, city, district, etc.). In a Group there is a possibility to have discussions and create events.


2. The Users publish their comments and opinions on their own responsibility. It means that the Administrator is not obliged to remove the comments, if they do not breach law, decency or morality, even when requested by the author of the comment.


3. The Administrator is not responsible for content of the messages published by Users.


4. A User must not publish in the Application:

a. contents breaching law

b. contents infringing individual rights and freedoms, including slander of public persons

c. contents harmful to the Application, I am SGL Foundation or other Users of the Application

d. contents promoting racial, ethnical, religious or any other discrimination

e. contents promoting violence

f. contents breaching decency or morality

g. commercials

h. contents with political agitation and propaganda.

5. The Administrator is entitled to close or remove contents which breach the Terms of use and temporarily or permanently block possibility to publish any content for a User who grossly breach the Terms of use.


7. Every User can create a new Event.


8. An Event it can be any activity proposed by a User, which does not breach the Terms of use, abiding laws, decency and morality. An event should be described in details: what kind of event it is (e.g. meeting to watch a football match, trip on kayaking) its date and place.

§ 7. Rights and obligations of a User


1. By accepting the Terms of use, a User states the following:

a. he/she has all rights and agreements obliged by law to publish data, photos and other information that appear on his/her Profile

b. information, photos or any other published materials does not infringe individual rigths of any person

c. he/she voluntarily publishes in the Application his/her personal data, photos and other information which also means that all the data are available to other Users of the Application (excluding email address and password to the Account).


2. All information published by a User in the Application should be true.


3. A User bears full legal responsibility for the data he/she publish in the Application (creation of the Account, information published on the Profile or any other content published in the Application).


4. It is forbidden to:

a. act in a way which can be harmful for the Application functioning;

b. publish any pornographic content or any other content which breach Polish or International law, good manners, morality, dignity or infringe individual rights and freedoms, support radical views or promote this type of opinions (all racial, ethnic, gender, religious beliefs, etc. discrimination);

c. publish advertisements, commercials, promotion materials without proper agreement with the Foundation board;

d. use the Application in a way which derange its functioning or is obtrusive for other Users, including sending spam messages;

e. influence the Users, count against the Users, the Administrator or third parties;

f. use the Application to any other purpose than those for which the Application was created for;

g. infringe individual privacy rights of the Users, especially by collecting, processing and disseminate information about the Users in different range than stated in the Terms of Use;

h. copying, data striping or any other use of the data/photos from the Application, except for the cases listed in the Copyright Law (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 24, item 83)


5. A User ahall be careful with his or her personal data and do not publish his/her phone number, address, email address, credit card number or any other sensitive data as defined by Article 27 Law of Personal Data Protection.


6. A User can switch off some data in the Settings of his/her Account.


§ 8. Rights and obligations of the Administrator


1. The Administrator is not responsible for the following:

a. genuineness, honesty, authenticity and accordance with the Polish and international law of data, photos or any other information published and conveyed in the Application by the Users

c. any infringe of individual rights of a third person caused by a User

d. for inadvertent and independent from the Administrator „Account stealing” made by a third person, as well as copying data and photos from the Application and using them by a third person, because the Administrator does not have possibility to block copying of the information

e. for inadvertent and independent from the Administrator loss of the data collected on the Administrator servers, as a result of the device break down, electronic network dysfunction or a third person’s actions

f. any other harmful activities resulting from breaching the Terms of Use

g. any breaks in the availability to the service due to necessary technical services, Internet breaks, third party interferences or force majeure.

2. The Administrator is not responsible for any interactions or relations between the Users which can happen or happened while using the Application or during face-to-face meetings.


3. The Administrator reserves rights to:

a. temporary complete or partial turning off the Application to make necessary upgrades or services without prior informing the Users

b. publication of a content sent by a User to the Administrator (keeping the author anonymous) connected with the Functioning of the Application (FAQ) and given advices

c. use the Application for promotion, announcement or commercial uses by the Administrator or entitled third party

d. control content of the Users Profile to check its congruity to the Terms of Use. If the data publish on a User’s Profile breach the Terms of Use, the Administrator has rights to modify the data, delete them or temporarily block the User Account till the data are removed from the Profile.

4. The Administrator shall not in any way, apart from those mentioned in this Term of Use, disclose information or data about the Users to third parties without legal basis bonding the Administrator to do so. The Administrator will undertake all means to ensure that the personal data of the Users are properly protected.

§ 9 Changes and updates of the Terms of Use

1. The Foundation reserve itself the rights to make changes and updates in the Terms of Use (within bindig law) at any time and without giving reason. The changes will be published as a consolidated text and information about the change.

2. When the changes are introduced a User should immediately read them, as logging into the Application will automatically be understand as agreeing to the changes in the Terms of Use.

3. If the changes are not accepted it is not possible to use the Application further. In such case the Users Account will be removed.

§ 10 Appendixes to the Terms of Use



1. Privacy politics


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