Interview with Founder Mariusz Majewski

Mariusz Majewski, I am SGL CEO & Founder

Mariusz Majewski
I am SGL CEO & Founder


  • Could you tell us a little bit about the portal I am SGL? What is it? Who is it for?

  • The idea came to me as a result of my personal experience. A few years ago I had a time in my life when I did not have many people around me with whom I could have gone to the cinema, for a coffee, or go for a journey, holidays. I did not know how I can find such people. I was not interested in dating sites because of low quality of their services, the fact that you have to pay for it and that loads of people using dating sites are not interested in real and lasting relations. I created the portal for people in similar situation as mine a few years ago. So that they can get to know each other and establish close, real relations. It is based on my personal values and is dedicated mainly to people who live alone or are lonely. But not only. According to statistical data, there are about 7 million singles in Poland; however, only 4 million would like to change it. We offer tools for all of them. If there are some new couples, thanks to the SGL meetings, we will be very happy. But it will happen as a side effect, because it is not the main goal of the Foundation. I want to underline it once again: it is not a dating site. It is a community of SGLs – people open to new, close relations, who want to spend time having fun and developing together. It is a unique community of people who love life and are happy to be an SGL.

  • If you need deep, true relation based on trust, safety, realization of common interests and passions this is the place for you.


  • Why did you establish a Foundation? Where does the idea come from?

  • I wanted it to be a Foundation to ensure that it is social project, non-commercial, non-profit and it will stay like this. Our logo is patented in European Union and United States. I would like to see within a few years our logo as a commonly recognizable sign, present on hats, T-shirts, bags, badges, jewelry, charms or any other visible place.

  • Have you ever met somebody on the bus, in a shop, on a street looking really nice and exchange smiles with them, and then nothing? You did not talk to each other, did not meet again for many different reasons. Maybe you are shy or you did not want to offence someone or some other often artificial barriers. I hope that now it will change. Weeding ring is a kind of a message sent to the society. I want our sign to be also a message meaning – I am willing to get to know you, to talk to you or to help you.


    Members of the community can also temporarily (or not) mark their profile photo on Facebook with our sign. In this way they can easily find each other. It helps a lot.


  • Did your travelling experience have an impact on the SGL portal?

  • Travelling was always an important part of my life. It started when I was a few-year-old boy and was staring at maps and dreaming about long journeys into undiscovered lands. I love maps. I can say that I achieved a lot in travelling. I put my feet in every country in the world 207 (UN+).

  • 25 years of travelling made me one of the most travelling people on the globe. The SGL portal has many functions for travelers: starting with the map, through the possibility to host other members of the community at your home, common travels, showing your home town to someone or exchange houses for holidays. And all this for free because it is made from passion. The community develops very quickly. We have members from over 100 countries. Thanks to many contacts I made while travelling we have Ambassadors on all continents. Every moment joins somebody new. The counter is running. Join us ;)

  • Thank you for your time

  • Thank you.


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